Renew and Reuse: Picture Frame Jewelry Display


This week I am going to steer away from delicious treats and focus on crafts. Don’t worry! The food will make a comeback! One of the things I prefer in life is organization. I believe things having a proper place is the best way to find peace and comfort in the home. Not only does this make your residence pleasing to the eye, it makes day-to-day living easier. A properly functioning living space can benefit you in various ways.

Organization has been known to reduce stress and depression. Clutter is notorious for being a significant factor in stressors of the brain. Chaos around the household can deter from relaxation and the tasks at hand. It’s hard to remember to pay that certain bill on time or even find your bills in a disorganized home. So, I’ll give you some tips about what I do to declutter and how things lying around the house can be reused to aid in organization.

Instead of going out and buying all new organizational tools, some of your mess can be reused to clean up your act. Almost anything around the house can be repurposed and used for your tidying effort. For my example, I’m going to explain how to transform an old picture frame (possibly one that won’t stand on  its own anymore) into a classic way to arrange jewelry.

I’m going to do my best to break down the steps into sections but a lot of creativity and personal preference goes into this project.

  1. After selecting you picture frame, determine whether you would like to replace the picture behind the glass to something of your liking. If you choose not to do this, an open frame will work just as well. If a background is chosen, simply cut it to shape and replace it behind the glass.
  2. Next, stones, seashells or anything of your choosing can be glued to the outer working of the frame. Once again the frame can be left plain or panted. It’s all up to you!
  3. When the frame is complete. A wooden dowel can be attached across the frame to hang bracelets and the like. The best way to make this removable is to use command strips to attach the dowel. Lace, sticks and many other things can be used as well.
  4. Finally, gluing on old wine corks is a great way to display and store earrings. It looks beautiful and is quite practical. Bows and other decorations can be added at your discretion.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. Once again, it’s quite easy to accomplish and you can’t go wrong with your own creativity.

Happy Crafting Bloggers!

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